Teeth that are broken or cracked


broken or cracked teethA tooth can become cracked or broken for a number of reason: eating or biting on something hard, decay which causes the tooth to become weak and break, and trauma. Whatever the reason, a cracked or broken tooth can become very painful, make it difficult to eat or function normally, and cause infection. Sometimes the area around a broken tooth can become swollen. It is important to visit our dental office as soon as possible if you have a cracked or broken tooth to prevent further complications. If you do not have pain or swelling around your broken or cracked tooth it is still important to have our office see it right away. Leaving a broken or cracked tooth untreated can lead to an infection in the bone which causes bone loss and can affect the teeth around it, not to mention it can lead to other major health problems. Call our dental office at (714) 527-7773 for an emergency appointment today.