Swelling of the mouth


swollen-bleeding-gumsSwelling anywhere in the mouth is the sign of an infection. An infection can occur for a number of reasons, which include a decayed (or rotten) tooth, broken teeth, a failed root canal, gum disease, a filling that has fallen out or is broken, or trauma to the teeth, mouth, or face. An infection in the mouth can be extremely painful and needs to be treated immediately. Even if there is swelling and little or no pain, the infection still needs to be treated to prevent further complications such as pain and bone loss. The infection may present itself in the form of swelling, or an abscess such as a bubble or pimple in the mouth. Leaving an infection untreated has also been linked, in extreme cases, to death and/or major health issues. Call our dental office at (714) 527-7773 for an emergency appointment today.